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Our Long Beach Plumbing Team Knocks Hard Water Out

Hard water is one of those problems Our Long Beach Plumbing Team Installs Water Softenersthat creeps into your home and does things that your mother never told you about. It's the reason that there's scum on your shower curtains and why even the JetDry won't get those droplet stains to stay off your wine glasses. It's the reason your water tasted funny and it can actually cause the pipes in your home to clog more quickly. What can you do about it? Our Long Beach plumbers suggest you get a water softener system, and get it right now.

A water soften system works by taking the incoming water from your well or city source and running it through a brine tank to remove the unwanted hard minerals calcium and magnesium. During the first cycle the water is run through a portion of the brine tank containing negatively charged beads that attract the positively charged mineral particles. These beads are then flushed into a reserve and the water is infused with sodium (softener salt) and pumped into the main tank. This is the water that will be distributed throughout the house. The magnesium and calcium infused beads are then rinsed and the resulting water in the brine tank is evacuated to the drain.

Water Softeners Send Hard Water to the Mat

The whole process is simply a replacement Our Long Beach Plumbing Team Does Commercial Water Softenersof one chemical in the water with another but it is a very important one. Calcium and magnesium prevent soap from fully dissolving in their presence and the resulting scum is what is left of the undissolved soap. This happens anywhere that soap and water mix. So the scum stains in your dishwasher and on your dishes, in your clothes washer and on your clothes, in your sink and in your bathtub are all a result of magnesium and calcium in your water. For as many places as your see the soap scum there are places you don't see it. Every drain pipe that carries water away with undissolved soap in it starts a build-up of soap scum within the pipe. The minerals in the scum start to combine and create very hard blockages in the pipes that can't be removed without the use of a high pressure water jet.

If you're not sure if you have a hard water problem, call in our Long Beach plumbing team to check your water composition today. If we find hard water, we can help you pick out the best system for you and your family.